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nwpc-youthAt NWPC we seek to present our faith in a way that is relevant to the youth of today. Our adult leaders strive to prepare our youth to deal with the pressures and concerns of life by introducing them to Jesus and his teachings. We do this through youth group activities. Throughout the year we provide retreats, mission trips, small groups and fellowship designed specifically for them. They also learn the meaning of serving Christ by helping with planned all-church events and activities.


One of the major activities that we spend many hours on is preparing out youth for confirmation. We confirm our youth in 9th grade and require them to attend class on Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. from September through April. No skipping classes!

Because this is an important step in their lives, we tackle some tough questions of faith and life
such as what it means to be a Christian, what the Bible really says. Confirmation class concludes with a weekend retreat where the youth revisit what has been discussed throughout the year. At this time they write about their faith journey and produce a faith statement which they share with each other and the Confirmation Class leaders.

After their retreat, we confirm the youth during worship service on a Sunday in front of the whole congregation. Each confirmation student has the option of sharing their faith journey and statement with the congregation at this time.

Youth Group

We also provide an opportunity where the youth can meet for fellowship and getting to know the other youth. On Sunday evenings, Grades 6 through 12 youth meet from 6pm – 7:30pm throughout the school year. We have fun and discuss topics about the church, God and Jesus through combinations of active games, mission work, worship and Bible study.

Each month we have “Mentor Meals” at which time we invite adults of the church to join us for dinner during our youth group meeting time. We try to incorporate a theme each month. For example, we have invited Veterans on Veterans Day; we had a career night; one Sunday we had the youth teach adults how to use their smart phones and tablets.
Twice a year we have a “lock in” or a “lock out”. For the lock in the kids arrive around 8pm and we stay in the church through the night until 8 a.m. playing active games and watching movies when we get tired. For a lock out we do a variety of activities that keep us busy playing outside of the church (bowling, laser tag, movies) through the night, ending with going out for breakfast.


We emphasize Serving Christ through various mission projects. Throughout the year our youth participate and help organize the Jake Darreff Legacy Run, sort food for Philabundance, collect and sort clothing and toys for Cradles to Crayons, and prepare casseroles for the homeless in Philadelphia. Our youth also contribute to the church by serving as waiters at some of the all church dinners, acting in the NWPC Variety Show, and helping out in church activities when needed.

Each summer our high school and middle school youth take a one week mission trip .
We have traveled to Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, New Jersey and Guatamala.

The most recent Middle School trips have been to the Jersey Shore to a place called Bruised Reed Farm where we worked with the farm workers in the fields and have helped them build shelters and to Charlotte, NC to participate in Cross Missions. While on these trips we experience various relational mission work, such as preparing and serving food to the homeless, interacting with elderly people in nursing homes, interacting with children in camps, sorting clothing and books to be distributed to people who need them, helping to clean homes and yards in preparation for housing for someone in need.


Each summer our high school students spend a week at Montreat Conference Center near Ashville NC. During this retreat our youth explore their faith in Jesus Christ and share their thoughts and have fun with Christians from all over the USA!

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